Back Soon

Of the nearly two thousand photos I took during my whirlwind of a sojourn to Liberia, this one is my favorite. I shot it-- and the most darling video ever-- from the passenger seat of my father's car, while these lovely little ladies enthralled at their reflections.

I'll be back soon.

In the meantime, if you've any suggestions as to where I could show this and other images from my trip, do send them along.

Sliding Liberia

I'll be watching this tonight en route to Brussels. Although I must admit, it may take me a while to stop chuckling at the fact that there are subtitles. They're speaking English-- 日本語じゃないよ!

At any rate, I stumbled upon this movie about an hour before I headed out for my first surfing lesson last summer-- which I signed up for after experiencing one and a half years of recurring dreams about wave riding. Synchronicity at its finest.

Au Revoir

As I wrap up preparations for my trip to Liberia, I leave you to enjoy this collage-- aptly titled, "Stay Strong"-- by French-Senegalese photographer/art director/painter/designer Delphine Diallo.

J. Michelle Hill-Campbell

J. Michelle Hill-Campbell is a pioneer of digital print on cloth. She designs texiles for use in home furnishings, fashion, and theater (see Lion King, Aida). Hill-Campbell is based in New York, received her MFA from Howard, and teaches several classes at Parsons-- one of which I've been meaning to enroll in for a couple of years. I can't find much information on the Africa- and Asia-inspired designer on the interwebs, but would of course love to see more of her work. Photo from the Museum of Arts and Design.

Patricia Coffie

Patricia Coffie is a Ghanaian photographer based in New York. I missed her recent show at the Mary Boone Gallery, but look forward to having an opportunity to get up close to her thrilling work soon.