Mark Bradford

2009 MacArthur Fellow Mark Bradford creates massive collages out of found materials he gathers in his neighborhood in South Central LA. End papers, remnants of signage, string and other interesting bits are assembled into modernist master works that suggest not only literal cartography, but also figurative map making of the cultural and psychological varieties.

Bradford's first sale was his painting, "Dreadlocks caint tell me nothing," which was purchased by collector and philanthropist Eileen Harris Norton in 2001.

The artist is represented by Sikkema Jenkins.

Precious Art

Whom do we salute for the outstanding poster art for Precious (which hits theaters on November 6th)? Same artist responsible for the one I posted on Facebook?

Michael Platt

I've been head over heels-- I mean straight bananas-- for these prints by DC-based artist Michael Platt for a while now. Not sure what's taken me so long to post them. Platt calls himself an "image maker" whose work is "grounded in the human condition." I prefer the simplistic but wholly appropriate, "visionary."

Most of this work, which features some familiar faces, is for sale. To view more work from this series or to inquire about making a purchase-- highly encouraged-- visit the artist's website, Platt Studio.

Preston Bailey Celebrates

Today marks Rizzoli's release of Celebrations, the fifth book from floral couturier Preston Bailey. The Panama born event designer moved to New York in 1968 at 19 years old. He worked as a fashion model, then went on to open a clothing boutique. In the 80s, he was encouraged by his friend, interior design icon Vicente Wolf, to create floral arrangements for Wolf's clients. The rest is history. Bailey has used his talent of transforming humdrum spaces into fantastical experiences.

Bailey's roster of celebrity clients is nearly-- but not quite-- as impressive as his vision. Lucky for those of us whose budgets don't yet support putting Bailey and his team under our employ, Celebrations will be chock full of inspiration and ideas for throwing our own unforgettable fetes. Buy a couple copies at your local bookseller-- one for yourself, one for a deserving, party throwing friend. Which reminds me to tell you-- stay tuned for special Style Noir holiday posts and giveaways. You'll love them.

Aquarian Thoughts

A few months ago I had the pleasure of sitting down for a delightfully hearty Ethiopian lunch-- and a half-bottle of Diebolt-Vallois-- with Aquarian Thoughts designer, Nadirah Bostick. Designing since the tender age of 18, Nadirah, who is working on developing and marketing her line, currently lends her design and production chops to a few more established names in the game-- a strategy that will no doubt bolster her own grand entrée.

Nadirah's hand-crafted necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are influenced by organic forms and the healing properties of gems. Featured in this photo are her Royal Turquoise necklace and earrings. I'm head over heels for her work because it appeals to my penchant for the delicately dramatic. Stay tuned for more from this emerging designer who will soon add metal work to her repertoire. Shop here.