Collecting 101

I'll be three days shy of returning stateside, but if you're in New York you should go to The Fine Art of Collecting at the Studio Museum next Wednesday-- perhaps even if you have no immediate intention of starting a collection, as the session will introduce and expound upon the elements of both private and museum collecting, including glimpses into the development of the Studio Museum collection and that of the Swann Galleries-- the only major auction house with a Black art department. I have no immediate intention of starting a collection myself, but in the past month or so, I've encountered a few works (at criminally low price points attainable even to me) that I wouldn't mind owning. Bummed I'll miss this. Not that I need the Studio Museum's permission to get my art buy on. But still.

Give it a go:

The Fine Art of Collecting
Studio Museum Harlem
Wednesday, January 14th from 6-9 pm

Featured speakers will include Naomi Beckwith, Assistant Curator for the Studio Museum in Harlem, Nancy Lane, renowned collector and member of the Studio Museum’s Acquisition Committee, and Nigel Freeman, Director of the African-American Fine Art Department at Swann Galleries. Participants will learn about the evolution of the Studio Museum’s permanent collection, the history of Swann Auction Galleries relationship with African American Fine Art, as well as the fundamentals of beginning and continuing a valuable private collection. Join us at the Studio Museum for this discussion, private viewing and tour.

Pre-registration is required. This session of The Fine Art of Collecting is FREE for members, $20 for the general public and $15 for students and seniors. To register and for more information please call 212.864.4500 x264.