Nicola Vassell for The (Video) Look Book

Despite its limited demographic, New York Magazine still manages to feature a bona fide cross section of New York denizens in its Look Book series. From the kooky, young Japanese textile designer whose Tokyo roots set him eons into the future at birth, to the nerdy tourist from Boston whose outfit was inspired by the "Denise Huxtable moment" she'd had that morning-- and her more glamorous though bespectacled partner-in-crime-- no one with memorable style is exempt. Bloody surprising-- and, I guess, relatively impressive-- for a swanky, blue blood rag.

At any rate, Nicola is as effortlessly chic here as ever.


February 11, 2009 at 11:28 PM Anonymous said...

My first time here. And I'm stunned. She has my last name. Loving the blog! *off to read more past entries*